The American Council on Exercise Either Misled Consumers or It Misled Consumers

Last month we reported on an investigation into the American Council on Exercise’s Medical Exercise Specialist certification. A complaint with the National Commission on Certifying Agencies (NCCA) alleged that ACE improperly transferred its NCCA accreditation to a new credential. Since accreditation is supposed to verify the legitimacy of a single certification, certifiers are not supposed to transfer accreditation from one certification to another. NCCA responded to this complaint by announcing that it was conducting an investigation into the matter.

Four weeks later, NCCA concluded its investigation into ACE’s Medical Exercise Specialist certification. You can view its full report at the bottom of the article. The NCCA concluded that ACE’s certification is,

“… not a new credential but an updated version of ACE’s AHFS credential.”

If that is the case, then NCCA should really tell ACE. After all, ACE stated that the MES certification is in fact “a different credential.” See the first screenshot below.

If the NCCA is right, then ACE misrepresented its certification. And if NCCA is wrong, then ACE misrepresented its certification.

Either way, ACE’s attempt to make itself the “authority on fitness” is laughable. It should get its own house in order before lobbying to regulate the rest of the industry.
ace-3 (1).png

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 9.58.54 AM.png


  1. Would one of the questions be “Can a previously certified individual take the “new” certification?” If yes, then i agree it is definitely a new certification. If no, then not sure and i guess just have to go with the NCCA finding.

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