Expert Witness Against Noakes to Undergo Investigation for ILSI Ties

The former president of a soda proxy organization in South Africa will undergo an investigation concerning his ties to the sugar and soda industries. It is another episode in a chain of Coca-Cola / International Life Sciences Institute scandals affecting the National Institutes of Health, UC San DiegoWorld Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the United Nations.

Last month we released our report on the trial against Dr. Tim Noakes in South Africa. Noakes is at risk of losing his medical license for a tweet recommending a low-carbohydrate diet to infants. Our work found that,

… a former ILSI South Africa president convinced the HPCSA to charge Noakes, another former ILSI South Africa president testified as an expert witness against him, and an ILSI-funded researcher consulted for the legal team prosecuting him. And yet, not a single news story has connected ILSI to the Noakes trial.

The former ILSI president turned expert witness is Ali Dhansay, formerly Director of the Nutritional Intervention Research Unit at South Africa’s Medical Research Council.


Ali Dhansay. Source.

South Africa’s Medical Research Council has recently closed Dhansay’s unit, disavowed any relation to his testimony in the Noakes trial, and announced that it will investigate,

“… Dhansay’s position in his capacity as president of the institute and the funding thereof; any association of research conducted in the field of nutrition, obesity and lifestyle with funding or support from the sugar/beverage food industry; any association by way of expert opinion or scientific advice in the field of nutrition, obesity and lifestyle to the sugar/beverage food industry; and any monies received in lieu of such advisory services.”

For more information please see Philani Nombembe’s coverage in South Africa’s Times newspaper. While it would have been nice for Mr. Nombembe to mention CrossFit’s role in uncovering these facts, he did give credit in an earlier piece:

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 9.56.27 AM.png


  1. Russe–Nice work! It’s refreshing to see the good guys win once in awhile. I heard on public radio the other day that the major news organizations no longer do investigative journalism because it isn’t profitable. That means that people like you have to step to the plate to get the job done. In my opinion the truth is always worth more than money.

    • Russ Greene

      Thank you, Doctor Wilson. Greg Glassman and CrossFit made it all possible by sending me to South Africa to cover the story, and Marika Sboros’ coverage on provided much of the necessary background information. And of course Tim Noakes is the one with his neck on the line for taking an unconventional stance.

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  3. Awesome work. Thanks for the shout out to Marika Sboros’ work on this. She’s been sleuthing hard on this for a long time. Great to see her get some backup from The Russells.

    It will be interesting to see what the next chapter of this farcical trial looks like. HPCSA thought they had this slam dunked with the Naude Review as ammunition. Now it’s all blowing up in their faces.

    Keep the pressure on. The world is watching. When industry-backed forces think they can beat up on doctors in SA and Tasmania with impunity, let’s make sure they understand the cost to their reputation. These injustices will not stand.

  4. I don’t think you realise just what a massive role you are playing in helping Prof Noakes. Your investigative efforts have been incredible. No one has been able to unearth what you have. I’ve witnessed the public humiliation first-hand starting with the disgraceful UCT Centenary Debate between Prof and Dr Rossouw in 2012 where his colleagues openly sneered at him. To finally see him getting the support he deserves from you and the CrossFit team is absolutely amazing. Seriously impressive and a massive thank you for all you do.

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  8. Claire Wickham


    Just thought to let you know that Prof. Noakes has been found not guilty.

    Kind regards

    Claire Wickham Team Leader Thermomix in South Africa 082 857 0395 Sent from my iPhone

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