“Exercise is Medicine” Explained in 100 Words

Editor’s Note: For support and analysis of each point below, please see the accompanying article, “The Coca-Cola / ACSM Exercise is Medicine Scheme.”

Exercise is Medicine is a Coca-Cola-founded plan to implement the Global Energy Balance Network concept by Obamacare mandate, and to require other people to pay for it. Exercise is Medicine serves the joint interests of Coca-Cola and the American College of Sports Medicine. It helps Coca-Cola fight against soda regulation, combat the idea that soda has contributed to the global epidemics of diabetes and obesity, and blame physical inactivity and soda taxes instead. As for the ACSM, it plans to get physicians to refer clients to ACSM-credentialed trainers and mandate full insurance coverage for this training while excluding CrossFit-credentialed trainers.

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