CrossFit Helps Coca-Cola Become More Transparent

Editor’s Note: As covered previously, Coca-Cola has failed to fully disclose its influence on health science. Below CrossFit employee Derek Fields helps Coca-Cola become more transparent.

Big Soda is on the run.

We have compiled a list of at least 216 organizations dedicated to health, nutrition, fitness, or sport that have taken money from Coca-Cola or PepsiCo. Four of the more influential organizations from the list have terminated their relationship with Coca-Cola (or had their relationship terminated) since Anahad O’Connor’s expose in the New York Times. O’Connor revealed that Coca-Cola-funded scientists have questioned whether food has anything to do with the obesity epidemic.

Four of 216 leaving Coca-Cola behind is just a start, though. Many of the organizations on the following list accept money from Coca-Cola, and yet Coca-Cola hid them from its “Transparency” campaign revelations last week. Also, for some strange reason, PepsiCo funding has escaped scrutiny.

See if your favorite health organization has accepted money from Coca-Cola and/or PepsiCo:

  1. National Strength and Conditioning Association
  2. American College of Sports Medicine
  3. National Athletic Trainers Association
  4. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Coke relationship ended since NYT expose, but still PepsiCo-funded)
  5. American College of Lifestyle Medicine
  6. AIDS Arms Inc.
  7. AIDS Walk San Diego
  8. Alivio Medical Center
  9. Alliance for Lupus Research
  10. Alstrom Syndrome International
  11. AltaMed Health Services Corporation
  12. Alzheimer’s Association
  13. Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Association Inc
  14. Amateur Athletic Union of the United States
  15. American Academy of Family Physicians (Formal Coca-Cola relationship ended in June)
  16. American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
  17. American Academy of Pediatrics (Coca-Cola relationship ended since NYT expose)
  18. American Bladder Cancer Society
  19. American Brain Tumor Association
  20. American Cancer Society
  21. American College of Cardiology (Coca-Cola-relationship ended since NYT expose)
  22. American Council for Fitness and Nutrition
  23. American Council on Science and Health 
  24. American Diabetes Association
  25. American Dietetic Association Foundation Inc
  26. American Heart Association
  27. American Institute for Cancer Research
  28. American Kidney Fund
  29. American Liver Foundation
  30. American Lung Association
  31. American Red Cross
  32. American Parkinson Disease Association
  33. AmeriHealth Mercy Foundation
  34. American Society for Nutrition
  35. Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association
  36. Anschutz Health & Wellness Center
  37. Arthritis Foundation Inc
  38. Arthritis Foundation, Southeast Region Inc.
  39. Association for Healthcare Foodservice
  40. Autism Speaks Inc
  41. Baylor College of Medicine
  42. Baylor Health Care System Foundation
  43. Beth Israel/Harvard Obesity Conference
  44. Big Sur International Marathon (One past hyponatremia death here)
  45. Birmingham Athletic Partnership
  46. Black Girls RUN
  47. Bodiworx Health & Fitness
  48. Body by Jake
  49. Body Sculpt of New York, Inc
  50. Boys & Girls Clubs of America Triple Play Program
  51. Breast Cancer Alliance Inc
  52. Breast Cancer Fund
  53. Breast Cancer Research Foundation Inc
  54. Brigham & Women’s Hospital
  55. British Dietetic Association
  56. British Nutrition Foundation
  57. California Aquatic Therapy & Wellness Center
  58. Calorie Control Council
  59. Canadian Diabetes Association
  60. Canadian Institute of Child Health
  61. Cancer Care Inc
  62. Cancer Care Services
  63. Cancer Wellness Center
  64. Center for Food Integrity
  65. Centre For Nutritional Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
  66. Center Helping Obesity In Children End Successfully, Inc
  67. Chicago International Sports Group
  68. Children’s Hospital Corporation
  69. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
  70. Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Foundation
  71. Children’s Medical Center Foundation
  72. Children’s Medical Research Inc
  73. Cincinnati Center For Closing The Health Gap
  74. Columbus Black Nurses Association
  75. Congress of the European College of Sport Science
  76. Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
  77. Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Inc
  78. Department Of Sports Science And Physical Education, The Chinese University Of Hong Kong
  79. Diabete Quebec
  80. Doctors Without Borders USA Inc
  81. Emory Global Diabetes Research Center, Rollins School of Public Health
  82. Emory University Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center
  83. Epode International Network
  84. Epilepsy Foundation of America
  85. European Hydration Institute
  86. Fit Worth
  87. Food Allergy & Anaphylaxix Network
  88. Foundation for the National Institutes for Health
  89. Foundation of Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)
  90. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
  91. French Diabetics’ Association
  92. Gameday Healthy Kids Foundation
  93. Gannett Health
  94. George West Mental Health Foundation Inc.
  95. Georgia Department of Public Health
  96. Georgia Tennis Foundation
  97. Georgia Transplant Foundation
  98. Girls on the Run Las Vegas
  99. Girls on the Run New Orleans
  100. Global Summit on Physical Activity for Children
  101. Good Sports
  102. Grady Memorial Hospital Corporation
  103. Harvard Medical School/Partners in Health
  104. Health Connect South
  105. Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation
  106. Henry W. Grady Health System Foundation
  107. Hispanic Health Coalition of Georgia
  108. Hope Heart Institute
  109. Hospital for Special Surgery Fund
  110. Human Performance Laboratory, University of Arkansas
  111. Industry Nutrition Advisory Panel of the American Heart Association (INAP/AHA)
  112. Institute for Population Health
  113. Institute of Medicine Food Forum (IOM Food Forum)
  114. International College of Dentists
  115. International Congress of Nutrition
  116. International Congress on Physical Activity & Public Health
  117. International Food Information Council (IFIC)
  118. International Life Sciences Institute Argentina
  119. International Life Sciences Institute North America
  120. International Pediatric Association Foundation
  121. International Scientific Association of Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP)
  122. International Sport And Culture Association
  123. International Stevia Council (ISC)
  124. JDRF International
  125. JDRF Rocky Mountain
  126. JDRF Hawaii
  127. Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
  128. Kidney and Urology Foundation of America
  129. Kidney Cancer Association
  130. Latvian Association Of Dietary And Nutrition Specialists
  131. Latvian Physicians Association
  132. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Inc
  133. Lupus Foundation of America Inc
  134. Lymphoma Research Foundation
  135. Magyar Dietetikus Orszagos Szovetsege (Hungarian Dietetic Association)
  136. Marathon Kids
  137. Marcus Autism Center
  138. Medical Research Council
  139. Medical University of South Carolina
  140. Miami Children’s Hospital Foundation
  141. Michael J Fox Foundation For Parkinson’s Research
  142. Milwaukee Health Services Inc
  143. Mission Hospital Foundation
  144. Morehouse School of Medicine
  145. Muscular Dystrophy Association
  146. National Association of Hispanic Nurses
  147. National Black Nurses Association
  148. National Breast Cancer Foundation
  149. National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease
  150. National Council on Youth Sports Safety, Inc.
  151. National Dental Association
  152. National Foundation for the Center for Disease Control
  153. National Foundation on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition
  154. National Kidney Foundation Inc
  155. National Multiple Sclerosis Society
  156. National Obesity Forum
  157. National Parkinson’s Foundation Inc
  158. National Physical Activity Plan
  159. Ngo Sport Club Motion
  160. Northeast Colorado Health Department
  161. Northeast Valley Health Corporation
  162. Northwest Side Health Advisory Committee
  163. Obesity Week 2013
  164. Palestine Association For Children’s Encouragement Of Sports
  165. Pan American Health and Education Foundation
  166. Pediatric Cancer Foundation Inc
  167. Pediatric Cancer Research Fund
  168. Pennington Biomedical Research Foundation, Louisiana State University
  169. Police Athletic League
  170. Prader-Willi Syndrome Association
  171. Preventative Cardiovascular Nurses Association
  172. Purdue University, College of Health and Human Sciences
  173. Purdue University Department of Nutrition & Health
  174. QueensCare Family Clinics
  175. Roseland Community Hospital
  176. Russian Association For Sport Medicine And Rehabilitation Of Patients And The Disabled
  177. San Antonio Sports Foundation
  178. San Francisco General Hospital
  179. Serbian Institute Of Sport
  180. Sickle Cell Disease Association of America
  181. Soccer in the Streets
  182. Society for Nutrition Educators
  183. Southern California Committee for the Olympic Games (SCCOG): Ready, Set, Gold!
  184. Special Olympics International
  185. Sports Science Insights
  186. SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital
  187. Street Soccer USA, Inc.
  188. Stichting Vrienden Van Gezond Gewicht (Friends Of A Healthy Weight)
  189. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital
  190. Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
  191. Susan G Komen Race for the Cure
  192. Susan G Komen for the Cure
  193. Szkolny Zwiazek Sportowy (Sport School Association)
  194. Texas Children’s Health Plan
  195. The Bexar County Community Health Collaborative
  196. The Nutrition Promotion Foundation
  197. The Obesity Society
  198. Truly Living Well Center For Natural Urban Agriculture
  199. UKActive
  200. UK Association for the Study of Obesity
  201. United States Olympic Committee
  202. University of Georgia Department of Foods and Nutrition
  203. University of Rochester – Center for Community Health
  204. University of South Carolina, Arnold School of Public Health
  205. University of Toronto, Center for Childhood Nutrition Health and Development
  206. UNTHealth Science Center
  207. US Olympics
  208. US Pro Cycle Challenge
  209. US Soccer Federation Foundation
  210. Visiting Nurse Association Foundation
  211. Visiting Nurse Health System, Inc
  212. West Virginia University College of Public Health
  213. Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University
  214. Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center
  215. World Sugar Assocation Research Organization
  216. Xsport Fitness

Note that this list is partially built from 2012-2014 tax information, so it’s possible Coke or Pepsi has since ended its relationship with some of these organizations and/or added others.

Remember, Coca-Cola hasn’t yet told the whole story. Coke’s recent publications only show health-related funding provided by “Coca-Cola North America (CCNA), The Coca-Cola Company Foundation, or The Coca-Cola Company’s U.S. corporate headquarters” to organizations inside the U.S. and, in some cases, Canada.

Coke influences health on a global scale, though. Digging into the publicly available tax records of the Coke Foundation reveals global donations and some interesting trends.

Here you can see a spreadsheet of all the Coca-Cola Foundation’s 2012 and 2013 donations to health-related causes according to the annual 990 forms the Foundation submits to the IRS. After breaking down 2012 into foreign and domestic grants we found that roughly 60% of the Coke Foundation’s donations to health-related causes went to groups outside the US.

If Coca-Cola is hiding approximately 60 percent of its influence over health just because it sent that money somewhere outside of North America, what else is it hiding?

Furthermore, Coca-Cola has not released any information that its corporation paid scientists and health organizations for:

“3.    Research on ingredients, packaging, products, or brands that is not related to dietary intake, nutrition, and health, or to physical activity; 
4.    Research and development on new ingredients, packaging, products, or brands; and
5.    Payments to third-party service providers for media services, advertising, and logistics in support of the “Partnerships” for Health and Well-Being Programs and Communications Activities listed.”

Coca-Cola is only transparent to itself.

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